Ship and Offshore Structures

The Ship and Offshore Structures (SAOS), section of the Maritime and Transportation Technology (MTT) Department is a key global player in research and education in the field of ship and offshore structures.

Our mission is to educate engineers and scientists, and answer questions emerging from our curiosity and from structural design and operation of ship and offshore structures by carrying out fundamental and applied research.

Present formation of the scientific staff is: an associate professor, two assistant professors, an academic staff member, and 15 PhD candidates.

Our research and education focus on structural integrity and longevity, addressing: (i) loading, structural response, including fluid-structure interactions; and (ii) limit states of materials, joints and structures, including (multiaxial) fatigue, fracture, and ultimate strength. Section members play a vital role for the International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress (ISSC).

Management assistant of the section Ship and Offshore Structures

Tessa Vermeulen