AI DeMoS Lab general publications

Kudina, O. (2022). The Democratic Need For AI As Deliberative Multimodal Systems (DeMoS). Turkish Policy Quarterly

Project 1. Interrelations and trust in the age of AI

Dmitry Muravyov (2022) Doubt to be certain: epistemological ambiguity of data in the case of grassroots mapping of traffic accidents in Russia, Social Movement Studies, DOI: 10.1080/14742837.2022.2128327  

Project 2. Participating in algorithms: the politics of social media feeds

Viader Guerrero, J. (2022). Memeing Reading // Reading Memeing. Critical Meme Reader II: Memetic Tacticality, INC Reader 16, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, pp. 260-281.

Viader Guerrero, J. (2021). Infinite Scroller: Infinite Scroll as a Symbolic FormFor the Record: The Politics of Design in Music VideoRotterdam: Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Project 3. Developing the care-ethics approach for the design of AI-driven digital phenotyping in psychiatry

Bogdanova, E. & Jacobs, A. (2021). Beyond the human: The Hague's speculative lives. Stroom The Hague: Walking Seminars 2021.

Kuntsman, A., Bogdanova, E.O., Ponomareva, E.Y., Schetvina, A.A. (2018). Disengagement from internet usage among Russian IT professionals. Sociology of Power, 30(3).  

Project 4. Designing community-led (design) practices for the democratisation of AI systems in public spaces/sectors

Hard, M. Designing with Algorithms—Reflections on the Book Design. In: Dörrenbächer, J./Hassenzahl, M./Neuhaus, R./Ringfort-Felner, R. (2022). Meaningful Futures with Robots – About the Design of a New Coexistence with Machines. Taylor and Francis.

Project 5. Adversarial Machine Learning for Democracy and Privacy

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