Ir. S. (Sander) Pasterkamp


Sander Pasterkamp graduated in 1998 from the faculty of Civil Engineering at the TU Delft. Between 1998 and 2007 he worked at Corsmit Consulting Engineers (now part of RHDHV) and Pieters Bouwtechniek. He was the structural designer for buildings such as the KPMG headquarters in Amstelveen and the office building Victoria in Rotterdam. He became a lecturer at the faculty of Civil Engineering, chair Building engineering in 2007. He currently works part-time as a lecturer in Delft and part-time as a consulting engineer for Pieters Bouwtechniek in Amsterdam.


Working on a PhD study, provisionally titled: “Structural Design and the Adaptive Reuse of Existing Building Structures”

Sander Pasterkamp is directly or behind the scenes involved in the following courses:

  • CTB1000 Bouwplaats 1
  • CTB1410 Ontwerpen van Constructies en Funderingen 1
  • CTB2320-17 Ontwerpen van Constructies en Funderingen 2
  • CTB3340-15 Constructies van Gebouwen 1 (coordinator)
  • CIE4202 Architectural History of Buildings (coordinator)
  • CIE4281 Building Structures 2 (coordinator)
  • CIE5251-09 Structural Design, Special Structures
  • AR0026 MEGA
  • Consulting Engineer at Pieters Bouwtechniek
  • Chairman of the Library Committee of the faculty CEG

Sander Pasterkamp


Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Applied Mechanics

Iris Nederhof-van Woggelum

Ir. S. Pasterkamp