Building Structures 2 (4 ECTS)

An introduction on multi-storey buildings in steel and concrete is given. Buildings which have been realized are used for explanation and illustration. Design principles for building structures are presented. In the course, both concrete structures built in situ and precast structures are discussed. Important components of buildings like floor types, foundations and their role with regard to stability are dealt with. For precast concrete structures the design principles and considerations are given. Structural systems and stability are systematically explained. The production of several types of elements and its relation to structural design is discussed. Further points of attention are connections and architectural concrete. The use of structural steel in multi-storey buildings is highlighted, including structural concepts. Methods for realizing stability are demonstrated. The principles of braced  and unbraced frames are treated, including the influence of the connection characteristics on the overall behaviour. Hybrid and composite structures are discussed and means for fire-protections are given. Manufacturing and erection are treated. 

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