News: 9 September 2022

Graduate Students Engage in Cutting-Edge Epoxy Asphalt Project on N837 in Gelderland

TU Delft Master's and PhD students visited the construction site of epoxy asphalt pavement at the N837 road in the Province of Gelderland, Netherlands. The Epoxy Asfalt initiative, is a collaboration with the Province of North Holland, Province of Gelderland, and TU Delft in the framework of the Infra Innovation Convenant.

The project aims to develop epoxy-modified asphalt concrete technology to increase pavement durability and lifespan. The initiative is centred on the N837 road in the Province of Gelderland and features the first 100-meter long trial road in the Netherlands using porous asphalt concrete with epoxy modified bitumen. The project offers graduate students valuable hands-on experience in sustainable road construction technology and contributes to the advancement of such technologies in the Netherlands. Long-term monitoring is currently underway to assess performance and durability. For more information and a video about the project, please visit