Xueyan Liu Honored for Naming Rijkswaterstaat's Fossil-Free Asphalt Initiative: CIRCUROAD

On July 22nd, it was announced that the program, now named #CIRCUROAD, will continue completely fossil-free. This initiative, related to asphalt, was announced under the banner CHAPLIN and is hosted by Rijkswaterstaat. Congratulations are in order for Xueyan Liu, who suggested the winning name. For his contribution, Xueyan was awarded a bronze statue symbolizing cooperation by Dineke Burg, a Senior Consultant for Innovation at Rijkswaterstaat. Additional details can be found at the following link:

KPE day announcement

Knowledge-based Pavement Engineering (KPE) day is scheduled on October 31, 2023 at Delft University of Technology. KPE Knowledge Program is a collaboration between Rijkswaterstaat, TNO and Delft University of Technology. The current KPE projects are:

  • Ageing of Asphalt Pavements (AAP+) 
  • Characterization and Evaluation of Asphalt Binder Properties (CEAB)
  • Rolling resistance
  • Test/Assessment Method for ravelling (R-TeAM)
  • Test or model to assess rejuvenator effect on fatigue/healing (Healing)
  • Life time prediction tools (LPT)
  • Nederlands Langjarig Asfalt Bemonstering (NL-LAB)

More details on the KPE-related projects can be found in the following link:

Best Paper Award at EATA 2023 GDAŃSK POLAND

Ms. Lili Ma, Dr. A. (Katerina) Varveri, Dr. Ruxin Jing and Dr. Sandra Erkens received the prestigious Best Paper Award at EATA 2023 GDAŃSK POLAND! 🏆 for their paper titled “Chemical characterisation of bitumen type and ageing state based on FTIR spectroscopy and discriminant analysis integrated with variable selection methods”. Check out the paper in this link.

Interview with Prof. Sandra Erkens for national television about "Summer skidding"

On 17 June 2023, Prof. Sandra Erkens was interviewed for national television about “Summer skidding”, which is the slippery condition of pavements after long droughts. The summer skidding is mainly caused by the dust (e.g. airborne particles, oil drops, and wear from tyres and pavements) on pavements mixed by a little bit of water. Hence, the summer skidding generally appears during the first rain after long droughts. More details can be found here.

Aired by: rtl 4 – editie nl on 17 June 2023.

Graduate Students Engage in Cutting-Edge Epoxy Asphalt Project on N837 in Gelderland

NL-LAB Project Workshop: Machine Learning Study on Pavement Performance Prediction

KPE-CEAB Project's Second Workshop Explores Advanced Asphalt Binder Characterization and Evaluation Methods