Mulder, W.A.


Previous employment: PhD degree from Leiden University, postdoc at Stanford University, assistant professor at UCLA, researcher at Shell. Current primary employment: Shell Global Solutions International B.V., Amsterdam.

Research interests


Modelling and inversion for subsurface imaging by seismic and electromagnetic methods.

  • Rigorous redatuming, Geophysical Journal International, 161 (2005), 401–415.
  • A multigrid solver for 3D electromagnetic diffusion, Geophysical Prospecting, 54 (2006), 663–649.
  • C.D. Riyanti, Y.A. Erlangga, R.-E. Plessix, W.A. Mulder, C. Vuik, C. Oosterlee, A new iterative solver for the time-harmonic wave equation, Geophysics, 71(5) (2006), E57–63.
  • W.A. Mulder and B. Hak, An ambiguity in attenuation scattering imaging, Geophysical Journal International, 178(3) (2009), 1614–1624.
  • T. van Leeuwen and W.A. Mulder, A correlation-based misfit criterion for wave-equation traveltime tomography, Geophysical Journal International, 182(3) (2010), 1383–1394.
  • M. Kavian, E.C. Slob, W.A. Mulder, A new empirical complex electrical resistivity model, Geophysics, 77(3) (2012), E185–E191.
  • P. Bharadwaj, W.A. Mulder, and G.G. Drijkoningen, Full waveform inversion with an auxiliary bump functional, Geophysical Journal International, 206(2) (2016), 1076–1092.
  • S. Geevers, W.A. Mulder, J.J.W. van der Vegt, Efficient quadrature rules for computing the stiffness matrices of mass-lumped tetrahedral elements for linear wave problems, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 41(2) (2019), A1041–A1065.



Editorial board, Computational Geosciences

Wim Mulder

Part-time Professor

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