Dr. Ir. B. (Bert) Wouters


I received my Masters degree and PhD at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, after which I worked as a post-doc at KNMI, the universities of Boulder and Bristol, and more recently, at the IMAU group of Utrecht University. After an eight-year hiatus, I am now returning to Delft to start a part time tenure track at GRS, which I will combine with my appointment in Utrecht.
My research revolves around remote sensing of the climate, mainly using satellite gravimetry and altimetry.  Although my recent work has focused on the cryosphere, I have always had a keen interest in all components of the climate system and their interaction with one another. In my research, I also make heavy use of climate model data, in order to understand and explain what is driving the changes we are observing with the satellites.
Last year I was awarded a VIDI grant to study mass loss of the global glacier population, which will be the focus of my research in the coming years.

Bert Wouters

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