M. (Marija) Nedeljković


Marija is a postdoctoral researcher. Marija currently holds a fund from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) and industrial partners (Proceq Switzerland, Scientific Benelux and SKKB) for her project proposal "Selective demolition of concrete structures". The project focuses on the development of in-situ concrete identification technology for selective demolition of concrete structures and therefore sustainable and more efficient recycling. 

Marija defended her PhD thesis in February 2019. During PhD, she performed 2 years part time internship at Tata Steel R&D, one of the leading research institutes in the world of steel. She did her first postdoctoral project at TU Delft in the period 2019-2021 as a joint TNO-TU Delft project during which she performed internship in TNO and CUGLA R&D. During MSc and PhD research she focused on development and durability of concrete without cement, alkali activated concrete. During postdoctoral projects, she focused on the development of concrete with fine and coarse recycled concrete aggregates and on non-destructive testing of concrete structures. From February 2022, she started working part-time as a concrete specialist for Rijkswaterstaat, department of Tunnels and Water structures. Marija is a member of RILEM Technical Committee 281-CCC: Carbonation of concrete with supplementary cementitious materials and member of fib Commission 4 (COM4) TG4.7 - Structural Applications of Recycled Aggregate Concrete – Properties, Modeling, and Design.


Marija’s research focuses on the durability and sustainability of concrete, on selective demolition, recycling and reuse of concrete elements in new structures. Her main research fields are characterization of raw materials, experimental testing of mechanical and chemical properties of concrete, understanding of concrete degradation, and development of advanced techniques for smart assessment of the quality and durability of new and existing concrete structures. 

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  • Nedeljković, M., Visser, J., Šavija, B., Valcke, S., & Schlangen, E. (2021). Use of fine recycled concrete aggregates in concrete: A critical review. Journal of Building Engineering, 38, 102196.
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  • Nedeljković, M., Ghiassi, B., van der Laan, S., Li, Z., & Ye, G. (2019). Effect of curing conditions on the pore solution and carbonation resistance of alkali-activated fly ash and slag pastes. Cement and Concrete Research, 116, 146-158.
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Research project “Long-term performance of geopolymer concrete systems for production of environment friendly building materials”

PhD project “Carbonation mechanism of alkali-activated fly ash and slag materials: In view of long-term performance predictions”

Postdoctoral project I “Optimal reuse of the fine fraction of recycled concrete in new concrete: physico-chemical fundamentals required for durable concrete applications”

Postdoctoral project II “Developing in-situ identification technique for concrete quality - Towards sustainable concrete demolition and recycling”


RILEM TC 281-CCC Carbonation of concrete with supplementary cementitious materials

fib Commission 4 (COM4) TG4.7 - Structural Applications of Recycled Aggregate Concrete – Properties, Modeling, and Design

Marija Nedeljković

Postdoctoral Researcher

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Materials and Environment

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Experimental Mechanics

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