Earthshot Prize 2024

The search for the winners of the Earthshot Prize 2024 has begun, and TU Delft is proud to be the only Dutch University to serve as an Official Nominator. Launched in 2020, The Earthshot Prize is a global environmental prize and platform for impact, dedicated to finding and growing solutions that will repair our planet this decade. One of TU Delft’s 2022 nominees – the Great Bubble Barrier – was selected as a finalist.

The Earthshot Prize identifies and supports solutions which make tangible progress towards one of five Earthshots:

In 2024, we request your help in identifying inspiring, inclusive and impactful initiatives to nominate. You can send suggestions to by November 1, 2023. In your email, please indicate

  • Which Earthshot the initiative addresses
  • Solution name and type
  • Organisation name and type
  • Points of contact
  • Short description of solution

Eligible projects, innovations and solutions

  • make progress towards towards an Earthshot
  • are beyond idea/concept stage with demonstrated environmental impact to date
  • align with the 2023 Earthshot Prize Roadmap

The Eartshot Prize has identified 15 areas of interest and will assess solutions based on four filters and five cross cutting enablers. Please see the 2023 roadmap. Click here

After nominations are submitted, they are screened as part of a rigorous assessment process culminating in selection of five winners by the Earthshot Prize Council.  Finalists and winners are given an incredible platform to amplify their work, as well as tailored support from The Earthshot Prize and our network of NGOs, businesses, governments, funders and expert mentors. The five winners receive a one-of-a-kind award and a one-million-pound grant to scale their impact. The 15 finalists are given support in the Fellowship Programme - specialist coaching and support is provided by organisations from our Global Alliance of expert businesses, NGOs and philanthropists to aid our Finalists on their journey towards making a transformational impact. Starting in 2024, a funding marketplace to spotlight more solutions (outside of the 15 Finalists) will also launch.

You can find out more about the Prize, TU Delft’s role role as an Official Nominator, and the process to selecting winners at, as well as in the Nominee Briefing Pack.