Security and Privacy by Design

Engineers now know how to build strong, but affordable bridges. They have learned from their mistakes over thousands of years. Cyber space is considerably more complex than even the most sophisticated bridge. We have hardly had the time to learn from our mistakes. We are on the road of trial and error now, hoping that we will eventually be able to design security and privacy in the same rigorous way that engineers design bridges.


Scientific Staff George Smaragdakis

Internet Security, Internet Measurement, Web Privacy, Detection and Mitigation of Cyberattacks

Dr. Hadi Asghari

Governance and economics of privacy, Empirical studies, Security reputation metrics

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Dr. Doaa Elnakhala

Global Terrorism and Collective Moral Responsibility, Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, Border security and border barriers, Territorial, ethnic and other conflicts, The conflict in Syria, The Palestinian-Israeli conflict

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Dr. Zeki Erkin

Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Multi-party Computation, Applied Cryptography, Privacy engineering, Secure Signal Processing, Blockchain

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Prof.dr. Seumas Miller

Ethics of cyber warfare, privacy & confidentiality, collective responsibility

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Prof.dr. Jeroen van den Hoven

Ethics of Technology, Computer Ethics, Value Sensitive Design, Responsible Innovation, Privacy

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Privacy protected signal processing

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Secure and scalable distributed computing, blockchain

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Dr. Jan Rellermeyer

Secure and scalable distributed systems, Big data analytics, Secure middleware

Personal profile                                   Jos Weber

Network and channel coding

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Dr. Stefanie Roos

Anonymous communication, Blockchain scalability

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Dr. Martijn Warnier

Systems Security, Privacy by Design, Vulnerability Assessment

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Drs. Raymon Bierens

Alignment of national cyber security strategies through social contract theory

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MSc Jelle Vos

Multi-party computation, cyber threat intelligence, private set operations

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MSc Jonas Feltes

Ethics of weapon technologies, Collective responsibility, Mass casualty terrorism Ethics of Counterterrorism, History of terrorism

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MSc René Mahieu

Economics and governance of privacy. Measurement of privacy policies.

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MSc Marwan Khabbaz

Internet of Medical Things, Machine Learning, Cyber Attacks, Authentication Schema

MSc Scott Robbins

Ethics of Big Data, Robot Ethics

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MSc Quinten Stokkink

Fast anonymous streaming with Tor-like onion routing

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Ir. Martijn de Vos

Blockchain-regulated marketplace to bid/ask/cancel bandwidth credits

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Ir. Yi Yin

Privacy and trust enhancement mechanisms for data sharing

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MSc F.W. Dekker

Privacy-enhancing technologies, Multi-party computation, Machine learning

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MSc Rui Wang

Privacy-preserving machine learning

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Tianyu Li

Privacy enhancing technologies, Blockchain

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