Verification and Validation

Almost every IT system that we use is complex. Nobody really understands in detail how it works. And every system contains many mistakes. Every single mistake looks like a wide open door to an attacker trying to hack into the system. Humans cannot deal with this complexity, so we are working on automated tools that can.  


Scientific Staff

Prof.dr. Arie van Deursen

Software testing, Software architectures, Software eco-system

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Dr. Robbert Krebbers

verification, semantics of programming languages, proof assistants (Coq)

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Dr. Annibale Panichella

Search-based software engineering, Test automation, Security testing

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Dr. Stjepan Picek

Cryptography, cybersecurity, evolutionary computation and machine learning

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State Machine Learning, Automated Reverse-Engineering, Cyber Security, Algorithms, and Combinatorial Optimization

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Dr. Nino Pellegrino

State Machine Learning, Network Traffic Analysis

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MSc Azqa Nadeem

Unsupervised Machine Learning, Sequential Behavioral Modelling, Network Traffic Analysis, Cyber Data Analytics

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MSc Clinton Cao

State Machine Learning, Network Traffic Analysis, Software Log Analysis

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MSc Jing Xu

Graph neural networks, Adversarial attacks, Security of AI

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