Delta Futures lab

"Fostering urbanising deltas as sources of social, ecological & economic prosperity"

The Delta Futures lab is a multidisciplinary network for MSc-students and staff with the ambition to become interdisciplinary leaders in spatial design, engineering and governance of deltas. The Lab unites master students, researchers and professionals in multidisciplinary projects. It enriches and supports master students in becoming the mission-oriented engineers that future delta societies need. With the Delta Futures lab, TU Delft presents itself as interdisciplinary leader in spatial design, engineering and governance of river deltas. University staff will use the Lab to further develop existing and new methods like the Tohoku method,  Design with uncertainty and Research-by-Design.

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

Delta  Futures lab especially aims to contribute to SDG 2, Zero Hunger, because of the major contribution of fertile deltas to the global agricultural food production. The focus of SDG  6, Clean water and Sanitation, is at the heart of urbanizing deltas. Without the availability of fresh water, the unprecedented urbanisation of deltas would not have been possible. In many deltas however, unsustainable use and poor management of this indispensable resource turns it into a threat. Subsidence, resulting from overexploitation of groundwater resources, is probably the most dangerous one and climate change induced sea level rise the most unpredictable. Investments in infrastructure for transport, irrigation, energy and information & communication technology are crucial to achieving sustainable development in urbanizing deltas. The innovation and infrastructure focus of SDG9,  is therefore a central issue. Infrastructures may however also undermine the sustainability of deltas by impeding natural processes of erosion and sedimentation and can cause a decline of bio-diversity. SDG Goal 11 emphasizes the importance of inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities. Delta management aims to deliver the indispensable physical boundary conditions for the development of these delta cities as hubs for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity, social development and much more. To foster urbanising deltas as sources of economic, social and ecological prosperity contributing to SDG 13, Climate Action, especially climate adaptation, is a main focus.

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This video gives a good impression on what the Delta Futures lab realizes and further develops.