TU Delft Wind Energy Institute

Wind Energy, the furthest developed sustainable energy source which already beats the price levels of fossil fuel sources, and for which a wide array of innovative research is being performed at TU Delft. Lighter materials, cost-efficient design, smart O&M processes, optimal grid integration, alternative wind energy, wind farm optimization, recycling of turbine materials, and many other researches are being performed at TU Delft in cooperation with a large network of international partners, supported by state of the art wind tunnel facilities.

Research on wind energy at the Delft University of Technology began over 30 years ago, starting with the tip vane project, an aerodynamic research project at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Nowadays TU Delft Wind Energy Institute (DUWIND) is the wind energy network  of Delft University of Technology both for research and education. Its research program covers almost all aspects of modern wind turbine technology, and is undertaken across 6 faculties in 13 groups. Each of the research groups at these faculties has its own specific expertise. An increasing number of research questions require a multi-disciplinary approach. To this end DUWIND encourages and facilitates interfaculty cooperation and projects, ensuring qualitative and innovative solutions to modern wind energy challenges.