As wind energy necessitates diverse knowledge and skills, wind energy students and courses can be found in all participating faculties, both on bachelor and master level. Students interested in bottom founded structures could take a look within 3ME or CE&GS. Those more into integration of wind energy in grids, can go to EEMCS for the adequate courses. For design of turbines and wind farms, AE has a large number of courses and full MSc programmes that can offer the required knowledge. For influence of economics and policy on the development of wind energy plans, one should take a look at the courses within the faculty of TPM. Also for minors and wind energy within Joint Programmes like our flagship European Wind Energy Master (EWEM) and the Sustainable Energy Technology master, many options exist. Many other subjects are addressed. For advice, local student counsellors can support.

Post-graduate courses are offered as well, such as the Introduction to Wind Energy and the Technology of Offshore Wind Energy courses, meant for professionals (new) in the wind energy industry.

Online courses have started and are developing. The Offshore Wind Farm Technology course that started in May 2017 has been very well received and will continue to develop further.

DUWIND continues to stimulate further wind energy education in order for TU Delft to deliver the engineers capable of shaping and leading the large wind energy projects, developments and innovations of the future.