1st AiTech Symposium - an impression

On September 26, 2019, we organized our first AiTech symposium in which our team and invited speakers presented multidisciplinary perspectives on the theme of meaningful human control over autonomous intelligent systems.

The presentations addressed several prominent topics surrounding AI, such as uncertainty, trust, predictability of human-AI interactions, and design for human rights and ethical human-AI partnerships. We showed  how AiTech is going to tackle these challenges through its five ongoing projects.

The conversation was enriched by the active participation of the audience, which was engaged through two interactive sessions. In these activities, participants and speakers together speculated on the key aspects that make AI systems controversial and analyzed some example of AI failures to discuss what we actually mean by meaningful human control and how we should intervene.

The symposium underscored that understanding, designing, and engineering for meaningful human control over autonomous intelligent systems is an effort that requires us to cross discipline boundaries and work together. Therefore, in the upcoming period, AiTech is looking forward to build a community. Interested researchers and students are welcome to join us for the weekly AiTech Agora meetings, where we will exchange knowledge, ideas, and find new avenues of collaboration.

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