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The ancient Greek word Agora refers to a public open space used for assemblies and markets. It captures the informal nature of our weekly meetings, a place where exchange of knowledge, ideas, and an engaging conversation takes place.

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December 8, 13:00-14:00 CEST

Emma van Zoelen: Human-AI Co-Learning: Growing Mutual Understanding and Smooth Collaboration?

When humans form teams, it takes a while for the team members to get attuned to each other. We need to learn how our partners work and think in context of the task at hand, to be able to intuitively and fluently complement each other’s actions. When we start forming teams with AI agents and robots, it is safe to assume that such teams will not be perfectly functioning collectives from the start; after all, these AI agents and robots work and think vastly different from us. This means that we will need to co-learn with them. This also means that mistakes will be made, misunderstandings will appear, and new patterns of behavior will emerge, deteriorate, and re-emerge. In this talk I will share my work and thoughts on how we might study and encourage the complex process of co-learning.

And I would like to discuss the following: does collaboration and co-learning mean letting go of control, or could it be the road towards making it meaningful?


Emma believes that in order for humans and artificially intelligent agents to live together symbiotically, they need to collaborate as team partners, such that they can empower and support each other. She thinks that this will help us make optimal use of the qualities of AI while maintaining respect and appreciation for those of us humans. Using her background in Industrial Design as well as Artificial Intelligence, Emma looks at AI and robotics from a human-centered and interaction-focused perspective. Her PhD is about co-learning in human-AI collaborative contexts, in which she focuses on the complex interactions that appear in such situations. Within her work, she strives to design experiments that appreciate the creativity and diversity of interactions that people can engage in, supporting quantitative results with thorough qualitative evaluations.

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