PVE workshop for German Bertelsmann Foundation

News - 21 August 2020 - Webredactie

On August 20, Anatol Itten held a PVE workshop for the German Bertelsmann Foundation. The foundation is one of the largest independent German foundations, committed on both the national and the international level to strengthening democracy through the promotion of citizen participation in political decision-making and planning processes. In his workshop, Anatol highlighted the advantages of digital citizen participation during a global pandemic and explained how the TU Delft reached 30.000 citizens to provide advice to the Dutch government via a PVE on relaxing COVID-19 measures after the lockdown. In the subsequent discussion, Anatol pointed out the differences between PVE and other related methods, such as liquid democracy, participatory budgeting or planning games. The main differences are that PVE is a real-world intervention before a policy decision is made, that provides detailed information on the choices, impacts, and limitations of each policy option as well as that it is accessible to a large and representative group of citizens.

If you are interested in a workshop or webinar that explains how PVE works, about our case studies, or about the steps from formulating the policy dilemma over programming the software to the communication with the citizens, and what can be expected of such a truly transdisciplinary research, please get in touch, or write a message to one of our PVE team-members.