25 partners from the construction industry sign Manifesto

News - 10 May 2021 - Webredactie

More than 25 parties from the construction world, including 4TU.Bouw, are joining forces for an innovative approach to replacement and renovation. In the Netherlands, 85,000 bridges and viaducts, 83,000 culverts, 19,000 km of sheet piling, 2,400 km of quays and 7,800 pumping stations ensure dry feet. These 'civil engineering works' form a vital part of our roads and waterways. All this infrastructure together is worth more than €300 billion, according to Statistics Netherlands. This is by far our largest public asset.

In an international comparison, the Netherlands has a good infrastructure. And yet we also face a major challenge in the Netherlands. Because our civil infrastructure is ageing. Much of it was built from the 1960s onwards, with the advent of the car. A good portion is even older. In addition to ageing, these structures are also subject to much heavier loads than were taken into account at the time. The strong growth of freight traffic in number and weight, was not foreseen. Due to climate change, the waves are higher. An important question, therefore, is how long some of our infrastructure can last without renovation or replacement. The closure of the Merwede Bridge a few years ago, the various urban bridges and quays that are subject to restrictions in use, show that this is a current question. Heavy traffic is no longer allowed to cross them until the construction in question is due for renovation.

The construction world (government, industry and knowledge institutions) has joined forces. Stimulated by The Construction Agenda, the administrators' network Infra was established. The administrators' network is working together on a coherent approach to this infrastructure task. One of the components is a joint commitment to innovation. This is expressed in the Manifesto

With the Manifesto, parties are focusing on innovation and, with the help of BTIC, are also seeking to connect to resources from the Growth Fund. We are enthusiastic and remain committed. Would you like to join us as well? Then please contact: a.baas@debouwagenda.com