Workshop on Securing Data in Mesopotamia: New Technologies for Secured Cuneiform

News - 04 May 2021 - Webredactie

The workshop, co-organised by Dominique Ngan-Tillard, will be held on 14 - 18 March 2022 at the venue Lorentz Center@Oort.



The Computational Science and NIAS-Lorentz advisory boards have postively evaluated your proposal. Based on their recommendations your workshop has been Approved by the Lorentz Center.

The proposal was very well received by the boards; quoting:

โ€œThis is an excellent proposal of a multidisciplinary team of historians, archaeologists, linguists and scientists of the natural and cognitive sciences who make step by step clear what they can bring to the table in the analysis of secured cuneiform texts and what the additional value would be if they would be able to join forces. There is a good balance between community building and agenda-setting. In that respect, their work is highly relevant.โ€