Last doctoral candidate Huub Savenije

News - 21 September 2023 - Webredactie

On Monday 11 September, Huub Savenije promoted his 41st and last doctoral candidate, mr. H.T. Samboko. His doctoral thesis explored Remote river rating in Zambia, zooming in on opportunities for ungauged basins through low-cost technological advancements. The unavailability of consistent accurate river flow data is a significant impediment to understanding water resources availability, and hydrological extremes. This is particularly true for remote, difficult to access, morphologically active and therefore rapidly changing rivers. The state of global river discharge monitoring with respect to water infrastructure and frequency of data collection has been on the decline over the past few decades. This is despite the significant importance of these data for river flow predictions. Fortunately, rapid advancements in technologies open up possibilities for water resource authorities to increase their ability to accurately, safely and efficiently establish river flow observation through remote and non-intrusive observation methods. Read the full dissertation here: