Philip Conroy (GRS) receives Frans Barends award

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News - 25 April 2023 - Secretariaat


Philip Conroy (Geoscience and Remote Sensing) received the first Frans Barends award for early career researchers from the UNESCO Land Subsidence International Initiative (LASII). Philip was credited for his ground-breaking work on peatland subsidence observations using InSAR. The award was presented at a special ceremony during the Tenth International Symposium On Land Subsidence (TISOLS) in attendance of the family of the late Frans Barends, on May 19th 2023.

Prof. Frans Barends (1946-2017) was professor at Civil Engineering and Geosciences (TU Delft) and has been recognized as one of the driving forces of the UNESCO Land Subsidence International Initiative, the organizing body of TISOLS. During his career Frans Barends supported young scientists in the field of geoscience and geomechanics.