Province of Gelderland uses Participative Value Evaluation for advice on climate policy

News - 25 April 2022 - Webredactie

What would you do if you were a director of Gelderland? Which climate measures do you think are the best to take? What choices would you make and what is your priority? From 28 June 2022, 30,000 Gelderlanders will receive an invitation to participate in the first Gelders Burgerberaad.

As in the Municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân and the Foodvalley Region, the citizens' deliberation consists of a combination of a large-scale online consultation in which all Gelderlanders can participate (the maxi-public) and a citizens' forum (the mini-public). During the online consultation, participants are shown, among other things, measures from the Gelders climate plan. The participants then advise which measures the province of Gelderland should choose. A statement of reasons for the advice is also requested.