Launch AI for Energy Grids Lab and Think Tank series

News - 15 March 2023 - Webredactie

The ICAI Lab 'AI for Energy Grids' is one of 17 new ICAI labs part of the NWO LTP ROBUST programme. It will be officially launched on March 23rd. The lab will research the application of AI to distribution networks in order to accelerate the energy transition. It will combine Alliander's considerable industrial capabilities with the academic strength of TU Delft, Twente University, Radboud University and the HAN University of Applied Sciences. TPM researchers Eva de Winkel, Zofia Lukszo and Roel Dobbe are involved and will focus on responsible design, deployment, operation and governance of AI functionalities to enable the grid of the future, tackling urgent capacity problems.

At present, the Netherlands’ electricity grid is reaching the limits of its distribution capacity. A strong and smart electricity grid is essential for the energy transition, so it is essential to improve the grid’s transport capacity. The AI for Energy Grids Lab focuses on expanding that transport capacity in two ways – by improving grid operations, and by conducting research into infrastructure expansion. While AI methods hold promise, relying on these extensively also has profound social and institutional implications. Therefore, an integral approach is developed to address the impact on the operator room, as well as on households and businesses, that will have an increasingly active role in helping Alliander to prevent and resolve capacity issues. Understanding and shaping the role of AI in the energy transition therefore demands that we revisit central notions of safety, reliability, as well as justice and access in how benefits and risks are spread across society.

AI for Energy and Sustainability (E&S) Think Tanks
The AI for Energy Grids Lab and PowerWeb Institute invite you to a new series of TU Delft AI for Energy & Sustainability Think Tanks. In the series, the lab will discuss what it is aiming to achieve and what challenges lie ahead. Every third Monday 13:00-14:00 CET, research with either a promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) method or their promising use for energy and sustainability is put in the spotlight. During the events, you can participate, learn, make connections, inspire and be inspired for new research for AI for E&S. One of the goals of this Think Tank series is to develop a research map of AI research for E&S. MSc thesis students, PhDs, postdocs, and staff are warmly invited to join the discussions. Please register here.

ROBUST, an initiative from the Innovation Centre for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), is a collaboration of 51 partners from industry, government, and the knowledge sector, including TU Delft. ROBUST's total budget is over 87 million euros, and with the new impetus from NWO, 17 labs and 170 PhD students will be added in 10 years. See also: TU Delft in ROBUST with 3 new ICAI labs and AI clinics for SMEs thanks to NWO funding of 25 million euro.