WILMER Friction Wrist

Product Code: WWP-30, WWP-38

For children with a congenital upper limb deficiency an arm prosthesis can provide a support in bilateral activities. Early fitting stimulates an integration of the prosthesis and the child. Crawling and playing on the ground is made easier. Parents prefer the appearance of a hand prosthesis to a hook.

By interconnecting the arm socket and the WILMER passive hand with the WILMER friction wrist, the rotational position of the hand can easily be adapted for optimal functioning.


  • for children with (unilateral) upper limb deficiencies at forearm or upper arm level 


  • adjustable friction wrist prosthesis to be combined with the WILMER passive hand prosthesis
  • change of rotation angle by overruling the friction force
  • level of friction easily adjustable
  • insensitive to sand, water, and dirt 

Technical Specifications

  • available in two diameters: 30 mm, 38 mm
  • mass: 12 grams (size 30), 20 grams (size 38)
  • overall length: 13 mm (both sizes)
  • size of thread: M12x1,5