Mission statement

The staff of the faculty of ME carry out ground-breaking and pioneering research, which leads to challenging applications and new fundamental insights in the fields of mechanical, maritime and materials engineering. The foundations and results of this research are reflected in outstanding contemporary and modern education. This education inspires ME students to become socially engaged and responsible engineers and scientists, who make optimum use of their competencies and expertise in order to resolve social problems and develop valuable technological innovations.

The faculty of ME presents itself as a dynamic and innovative faculty aimed at having its staff, students and alumni make a significant contribution to the development and growth of a sustainable society, as well as prosperity and welfare.


The faculty of ME offers high-quality degree programmes, with the best possible lecturers, curricula and facilities. Students are challenged to bring out the best in themselves and assume responsibility for their academic progress. The competencies and skills of engineering graduates enable them to work in a broad range of areas in society, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


ME’s research is pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Researchers are conducting fundamental, applied and innovative research at a high level in all disciplines within the faculty.
Cooperation with regional, national and international partners is flourishing and constantly expanding.


Valorisation is the sharing of knowledge with other parties. This can be done by supplying society with engineers and PhD graduates, by publishing scientific articles, and by converting knowledge (e.g. patents) into commercial activity. The faculty of ME seeks to develop and utilise new, useful and essential knowledge, with the research results being used by the business community or society in some cases, while leading to new educational programmes in others. ME wants to be a preferred partner for the business community and enter into sustainable partnerships.