CoBra project

CoBra project aims to improve quality of both diagnosis and treatment of localized cancers, by developing a new medical robot prototype for brachytherapy and biopsy under guidance of MRI.

The overall objective of the project is to enhance the patientā€™s quality of life and reduce their cancer mortality. The prostate and other soft tissues will be the main localized cancers of interest in the Cobra project.


  • To develop new medical robot prototype for diagnosis and treatment of localized cancers by brachytherapy and biopsy under guidance of MRI
  • To initiate a training programme for practitioners and physicists on MRI based robotic brachytherapy and biopsy in the 2 Seas region
  • To elaborate a map for targeted cancers dispersion in the region of 2 Seas. This allows estimating the optimal placement of the designed concept in the region of the 2 Seas according to the patient concentration
  • To develop a network of SMEs and start-ups for technological transfer of the new designed concept

The Programme is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund 

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Contact person
Dr. John van den Dobbelsteen