The Department of Materials Science and Engineering undertakes innovative research dedicated to developing, producing, characterising and manipulating materials. Our goal is to enhance fundamental understanding, forming the basis for better performance, a longer life cycle and preserved functionality, while at the same time improving the sustainable use of resources. Critical Materials is an important connecting thread between our research areas.  


PhD position: Exploring new machine learning and optimization approaches for materials science

At the TU Delft, we are using state-of-the-art machine learning methods to create new materials with practical relevance. These methods help uncover new designs and properties. This research aims at exploring recent A.I. methods and potentially develop new ones that can assist our research group in discovering new materials and structures.

As a PhD researcher you will be working on: (1) finite element simulations for a problem of interest; and (2) new machine learning methods.  We encourage originality and value independent thinking. More