Herman Terryn

Herman Terryn is part-time professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, within the research group Corrosion Technology and Electrochemistry (CTE) at TU-Delft following up research projects (on average 2 post-docs and 5 PhD’s).  Currently Herman Terryn is also chairman of the research cluster “Durability of materials”, which is one of the research clusters of Materials Innovation Institute.   Professor Herman Terryn is full professor within the group of Electrochemical and Surface Engineering (SURF; 55 people) in the Faculty of Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).  This results in a close collaboration between SURF-VUB and CTE-TU-Delft with daily exchanges of researchers of both institutes leading to more than 100 common SCI papers.

Currently he leads at VUB a top research Methusalem project (3,5 M Euro) where he works on 5 cross-linked areas in electrochemical engineering, electrochemical modelling by computational electrochemistry, corrosion technology, functional surface engineering and surface characterization, each supported by SURF staff members. He is using a multi-strategy research approach based on complementary macroscopic and local electrochemical methods, computational software for process simulation, and in-situ/ex-situ surface analytical techniques (vacuum and optical). SURF is in the unique position of having state of the art technology for all these research tools in-house. The electrochemical modelling is done in collaboration with SURF colleague Johan Deconinck. Several EU and Flemish projects have been worked out together where modelling and experimental electrochemistry was applied.  He was also the founder of the series of conferences Aluminium and Surface Science and Technology.  Herman Terryn won  2014 the prestigious European Federation Corrosion.  In 2016 he received a Francqui chair at University of Antwerp.  He was supervisor of more than 40  Ph.d’s in Brussels and Delft.

Publications: more than 360 web of science papers, h-factor 35, more than 4500 citations

- Plenary lectures at international electrochemical, surface and corrosion conferences: Eurocorr, Pisa (IT) 2014; Eurocorr, Istanbull (TR) 2012; Electrochemical Methods on Corrosion Research (BR) 2012; Alusil, Sint-Petersburg (RU) 2011; Gordon Conference Corrosion New London (USA) 2010.  - Keynote lectures at international electrochemical, surface and corrosion conferences: ICC Corrosion Jeju (KR) 2014; EMNT Okinawa (JP) 2014; ASST Hokkaido (JP) 2014; Eurocorr Nice (FR) 2009; Passivity Meetings Paris (FR); Electrochemical Society Vienna (AT) 2009; ASST Beaune (FR) 2006; Eurocorr Lisbon (PT) 2005; Nace Corrosion New Orleans (USA) 2004; Eurocorr Budapest (HU) 2003; “Corrosion science in the 21st Century” Manchester (UK) 2003; ECASIA Sevilla (ES) 1999

- Invited Talks at R&D institutes: Cori Brussels (BE), Vito Brussels (BE), EMPA Dubbendorf (CH), MPIE Max-Planck Dusseldorf (DE), Korea Institute of Materials Science, Changwon (KR), Henri Tudor Laboratoire des Technologies Industrielles - Unité Matériaux and Innovation Center CRP G. Lippmann (LU), Sintef Trondheim (NO)

- Invited talks at major R&D Industries: Aleris (BE), Agfa (BE), Arcelor Mittal (BE), Bekaert (BE), Novelis (CA), Chemetall (DE), EADS (DE), Henkel (DE), Hydro (DE), Constellium (FR), Toyota (JP), Posco Steel (KR), Akzo (UK), Tata Steel (NL)

2015      Member Scientific Advisory Board MPIE-Max Planck Dusseldorf (DE)
2009 – now        Cluster Leader Durability in Materials Innovation Institute, Delft (NL)
2007 – now        Chairman of the board Research Council Faculty of Engineering-VUB
2009 – 2013       Vice President of the Ph.D. Commission of the Faculty of Engineering-VUB
2008 – 2014       President Research Group of Materials and Surface Science and Engineering University of Ghent-VUB
2007 – now        Member of the research board Vrije Universiteit Brussel
2012 – now        Member Scientific Advisory Board University of Mons (BE)
2012 – now        Member Scientific Advisory Board Coating Research Center Cori Brussels (BE)
2012 – now        Belgian Representative of the International Corrosion Community ICC
2009 – now        Member of Board Strategic Initiative Materials Flanders (BE) 
1998 – 2005       Member of the Council Of Royal Institute For The Study and Conservation of Belgium Art Heritage KIK-IRPA Brussels (BE)

2008 – now        Member Expert Panel FNRS Sciences Exactes et Naturelles
2004 – now        Member of the scientific Flemish Research Communities FWO: 1) Micro- and surface analysis in material science 2) Surface Modification 3) Nanoparticles and Nanowires
2011– 2013        Panel Expert M-ERANET Europe
2007– now         Member expert panel Hercules VUB: projects large infra structure
2000– now         Panel Expert commissions Government Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology
1994 – 2004       Member and president Expert FWO Panel: Condensed Matter