Echo, a cross-faculty building


The first energy-providing building on campus

Echo is a sustainable, energy-providing, interfaculty educational building on the TU Delft Campus. The building offers space for education, debates and self-study, space for collaboration and office space. The catering facilities on the ground floor and the extended opening hours facilitate encounters between students, lecturers and staff.

Echo contributes to TU Delft's sustainability ambition to operate fully sustainably by 2030. All activities on and from the campus will then be climate-neutral, circular, climate-adaptive and contribute to the quality of life of users and nature.

Echo consists of four floors. There are a total of seven teaching rooms, most with a flexible layout. For example, three separate rooms can be created from the largest lecture room with 700 seats. Group work and self-study is possible at the more than 350 study places. Facilities such as sockets have been incorporated into the floor to make it easier to rearrange spaces. This great adaptability is also a form of sustainability: it allows the building to continue to meet the wishes of new generations of users.

Echo is an energy-providing building, including user-related energy such as power consumption for laptops, lighting and catering during extended opening hours. Solar panels, good insulation and thermal energy storage are used in the building, among other things. The building has a robust and open appearance and is open in design so that the education is also visible from the outside.

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Entrance hall




Hall B, a lecture hall


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