Bertotti, G.


Following my MSc at the University of Pisa (Italy) I got my PhD at the ETH Zurich working on the tectono-sedimentary evolution of the M. Generoso basin, a 20km wide and >8km deep extensional basin developed on the rifted margin of Adria and exposed in the South Alps (Italy and Switzerland). I then spent 1 year in N Africa tackling water-related problems in the Niger countryside. In 1991, my academic career started at the VU Amsterdam in the group of S Cloetingh. A great time linking (mainly field) data and numerical models. Case studies in the Carpathians, in Turkey, Morocco and more. Since 2007 more and more involved in research on fractured reservoirs; more applied, surely challenging and still very much linked to fundamental science issues. From 2010, I spend 60% (?) of my time at the Delft University of Technology, a place of huge know-how and of great people.


I am essentially a structural geologist with wide experience in the field. During the years I have learned interacting with numerical modellers, first and, during the last years, even with engineers. I like combining the scales of small outcrops to that of larger regions linking a structural geology with a tectonic approach. While I am not a programmer myself, I have the expertise in the quantification geologic and tectonic problems.


Teaching is one of my passions. I have given a very large number of courses at all levels from undergraduate to PhD. I have led excursions and given special courses in numerous Universities. I have particular interest in strengthening education opportunities in African countries.


I like linking scales and disciplines. At the outcrop (and smaller scale), I am essentially working on outcropping analogs of fractured reservoirs, particularly those characterized by strong sedimentological (flat-topped platforms) and structural heterogeneities (folds). For data acquisition we use a variety of tools inclusive of a drone and of digital tools. With numerous colleagues I have worked on Permian siliciclatsics (South Sfrica), folded Devonian quartzarenites (Morocco) and heterogeneous carbonate platforms (Italy and Brazil). At the larger scale, I am particularly interested in the post-rift evolution of rifted continental margin, especially those of NW Africa and SE America. A great topic I am working on is the birth and growth of the Central Anatolia plateau. Side activities bring me to work in the Tyrrhenian Sea and the surrounding domains.

Giovanni Bertotti

Professor in Applied Geology

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