For decades, society will still depend on extraction of subsurface resources for its welfare and prosperity. Foreseeable increases in efficiency of end-use and recycling of subsurface resources, and foreseeable reductions in cost of renewable energy resources, cannot meet worldwide demand without a significant reduction in standards of living. As the efficiency of resource-recovery processes increases, the number of extraction projects and therefore the magnitude of environmental impact of these industries is reduced, while the prosperity and welfare of society is improved.

The mission of the research programme of the Reservoir Engineering is to conduct excellent fundamental research directed towards developing innovative technologies to recover subsurface fluid. We also apply  innovative exploration and production technologies to subsurface sequestration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Our involvement in an Geothermal Energy project greatly contributed to the discussion about Geothermal Energy resources in the Netherlands.

The research programme we divide into 3 themes, which additionally have natural links to other units within the department and wider faculty. These are: