M. (Mieke) Kuschnerus


I am a PhD Candidate in the Optical and Laser Remote Sensing group since March 2019. I have a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from RWTH Aachen and a Masters degree in Mathematics from TU Berlin. After finishing my Master I worked for some years at the Earth Observation department at ESA/ESTEC. That his how I started to be interested in processing methods of remote sensing data.


My main focus is the detection of variability in coastal areas with continuous Terrestrial Laser Scanning, so called Permanent Laser Scanning. The data set acquired for this project is very large, therefore I am developing efficient and automated processing methods to extract geometric information.

My research is part of the CoastScan project, funded by NWO. The goal of the project is to improve the monitoring, understanding and modelling of coastal variations and resilience.

  • Geostatistics & Remote Sensing (AESB2440, Q4)

Mieke Kuschnerus

PhD candidate