Dr. P.G. (Pavel) Ditmar


  • Application of satellite gravimetry data to study the Earth’s gravity field and its temporal variations
  • Studying mass re-distribution in the Earth’s system using satellite gravimetry and other remote sensing techniques, with a primary focus on Greenland ice sheet and hydrological processes in various geographical regions
  • Data processing and regularisation using statistically-optimal estimation methods

Research themes

  • Gravity Field Modelling
  • Mass redistribution and climate change
  • CHAMP/GRACE/GOCE gravity models & data


  • Development of novel techniques for satellite gravimetry data processing
  • Computation of global gravity field and mass transport models
  • High-resolution estimation of Greenland ice sheet mass variations
  • Quantification of mass transport of hydrological origin in various geographical regions, including Europe and South-East Asia
  • Developing optimal concepts of future satellite gravimetry missions
  • Application of time-lapse gravimetry to study mass re-distribution in hydrocarbon reservoirs

Key publications

  • N. Tangdamrongsub, P. G. Ditmar, S. C. Steele-Dunne, B. C. Gunter, and E. H. Sutanudjaja, 2015. Exploring flood events over Tonlé Sap basin in Cambodia using GRACE and MODIS satellite observations combined with hydrological models. Submitted to Remote Sensing of Environment.
  • Y. Sun, P. Ditmar, and R. Riva, 2015. Observed changes in the Earth’s dynamic oblateness from GRACE data and geophysical models. Journal of Geodesy, DOI 10.1007/s00190-015-0852-y (published online).
  • P. Inácio, P. Ditmar, R. Klees, and H.H. Farahani, 2015. Analysis of star camera errors in GRACE data and their impact on monthly gravity field models. Journal of Geodesy, 89 (6), pp. 551-571
  • M. Kleinherenbrink, P.G. Ditmar, and R.C. Lindenbergh, 2014. Retracking Cryosat data in the SARIn mode and robust lake level extraction. Remote Sensing of Environment, 152, pp. 38-50.
  • C. Siemes, P. Ditmar, R.E.M. Riva, D.C. Slobbe, X.L. Liu, and H. Hashemi Farahani, 2013. Estimation of mass change trends in the Earth's system on the basis of GRACE satellite data, with application to Greenland. Journal of Geodesy, 87, pp. 69-87, DOI: 10.1007/s00190-012-0580-5
  • P. Ditmar, J. Teixeira da Encarnacao, and H. Hashemi Farahani, 2012. Understanding data noise in gravity field recovery on the basis of inter-satellite ranging measurements acquired by the satellite gravimetry mission GRACE. Journal of Geodesy, 86, pp. 441-465
  • M. Glegola, P. Ditmar, R.G. Hanea, F.C. Vossepoel, R. Arts, and R. Klees, 2012. Gravimetric Monitoring of Water Influx Into a Gas Reservoir: A Numerical Study Based on the Ensemble Kalman Filter. SPE Journal,17(1), pp. 163-176.
  • X. Liu, P. Ditmar, C. Siemes, D.C. Slobbe, E. Revtova, R. Klees, R. Riva, and Q. Zhao, 2010. DEOS Mass Transport model (DMT-1) based on GRACE satellite data: methodology and validation. Geophysical Journal International, 181, pp. 769-788.
  • D.C. Slobbe, P. Ditmar, and R. Lindenbergh, 2009. Estimating the rates of mass change, ice volume change and snow volume change in Greenland from ICESat and GRACE data. Geophysical Journal International: 176, pp. 95-106.
  • P.Ditmar and A. A. van Eck van der Sluijs, 2004. A technique for modeling the Earth's gravity field on the basis of satellite accelerations. Journal of Geodesy, 78, pp.12-33.6

More publications

Educational activities

  • Course “Mass Transport in the Earth’s system” for MSc program “Geoscience and Remote Sensing” (CIE4610, 4 ECTS)


  • P.Ditmar and R.Klees, 2002. A method to compute the Earth's gravity field from SGG/SST data to be acquired by the GOCE satellite. Delft University press, 64 pages
  • P.G. Ditmar, 1990. Seismic tomography based on smoothness of the unknown function. Ph.D. thesis, Leningrad University, 204 pages (in Russian)

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