Prof.dr. P.F. (Pieternel) Levelt


Prof. dr. Pieternel Levelt is professor in Remote Sensing of the Earth Atmosphere at Delft University and leads the R&D department on Satellite Observations at KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute). Her main research interests are atmospheric composition and air quality. She is scientific initiator of the TROPOMI instrument on Sentinel 5 Precursor and Principal Investigator of the OMI instrument on NASA's EOS-Aura satellite.


Pieternel’s scientific expertise lies in performing and interpreting satellite observations of the Earth’s atmospheric chemical composition in the context of climate change, air quality and the ozone layer.

Key publications

  • Levelt, P.F., Joiner, J., Tamminen, J., Veefkind, P., Bhartia, P. K., Stein Zweers, D., Duncan, B. N., Streets, D. G., Eskes, H., van der A, R., McLinden, C., Fioletov, V., Carn, S., de Laat, J., DeLand, M., Marchenko, S., McPeters, R., Ziemke, J., Fu, D., Liu, X., Pickering, K., Apituley, A., Gonzáles Abad, G., Arola, A., Boersma, F., Chan Miller, C., Chance, K., de Graaf, M., Hakkarainen, J., Hassinen, S., Ialongo, I., Kleipool, Q., Krotkov, N., Li, C., Lamsal, L., Newman, P., Nowlan, C., Suileiman, R., Tilstra, L. G., Torres, O., Wang, H., and Wargan, K.: The Ozone Monitoring Instrument: Overview of fourteen years in space, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.,, accepted for publication in AMT/ACP Special Issue: Ten years of Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) observations (ACP/AMT inter-journal SI), 2018.
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  • climate, air quality and ozone layer applications, Remote Sensing of Environment, 120, 70–83,, 2012.
  • Gloria L. Manney, Michelle L. Santee, …, Pieternel F. Levelt et al., Unprecedented Arctic ozone loss in 2011, Nature, 478, 469–475,, 2011.
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Other activities

Pieternel is member of the Mission Advisory Groups (MAG) at ESA for the EU Copernicus sentinel 4, 5 missions and chaired ESA’s s5-precursor/TROPOMI MAG. Other advising positions include: ESF European Space Science Committee (ESSC) (2008- 2014), International Ozone Commission (IO3C), the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project's Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) and TNO Industry Advisory Board.

Pieternel Levelt


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