Bas Jonkman


S.N. (Bas) Jonkman is a professor of Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University, the Netherlands. Since the year 2012, he holds the chair of Integral Hydraulic Engineering, which focuses on research and education in the fields of hydraulic structures and flood risk. He holds a PhD degree from TU Delft and has worked for the Dutch government, Royal HaskoningDHV and UC Berkeley. He is also a Hagler fellow and visiting professor at Texas A&M Galveston. His research interests include flood risk management, disaster management, and the integral design of hydraulic infrastructure, such as flood defences and storm surge barriers. He has been involved in post-disaster and design studies in New Orleans, Houston, Mozambique and various countries in South East Asia. He was the scientific coordinator for a national fact finding study after the 2021 summer floods that catastrophically affected the South of the Netherlands. He has been leading research and design efforts of TU Delft for a coastal spine protection system for the Houston Galveston Bay area in Texas. Dr. Jonkman is currently leading a number of national and European research projects focusing on climate adaptation and strategies for flood risk reduction, including storm surge barriers and nature-based solutions. Throughout his career, many of his efforts have focussed on bridging the gap between science, policy and operational flood risk management.  

Jonkman delivered the keynote lecture during the 182nd Dies Natalis of TU Delft with the theme “redesigning deltas”. A recording can be found here and the presentation starts at 23:45.


Educational activities

MSc. courses

  • CIEM4303 - Flood Risk (contributor)

Previous contributions

  • CIE5314 – Flood Defences (contributor)
  • CIE4130 – Probabilistic Design (contributor)

Jonkman also guides MSc students for their Msc thesis (CIE5060).

Key publications

  • van Berchum E.C., Mobley W., Jonkman S.N., Timmermans J.S., Kwakkel J.H., Brody S.D. (2019) Evaluation of flood risk reduction strategies through combinations of interventions. Journal of Flood Risk Management 12 (S2)
  • Vuik V., van Vuren S., Borsje B.W., van Wesenbeeck B.K., Jonkman S.N. (2018) Assessing safety of nature-based flood defenses: Dealing with extremes and uncertainties; Coastal Engineering Volume 139, September 2018, Pages 47–64
  • Mooyaart L.F., Jonkman S.N. (2017) Overview and design considerations of storm surge. ASCE Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering Vol. 143 Issue 4
  • Jonkman S.N. (2013) Advanced flood risk analysis required. Nature Climate Change Vol. 3, Dec. 2013 1004 
  • Jonkman S.N., Maaskant B., Boyd E., Levitan M.L. (2009) Loss of life caused by the flooding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina: Analysis of the relationship between flood characteristics and mortality. Risk Analysis Vol. 29, No. 5, pp. 676-698 
  • Jonkman S.N., Vrijling J.K., Vrouwenvelder A.C.W.M. (2008) Methods for the estimation of loss of life due to floods: A literature review and a proposal for a new method, Natural Hazards, Vol.46/3, pp. 353-389
  • Jonkman S.N., van Gelder P.H.A.J.M., Vrijling J.K. (2003) An overview of quantitative risk measures for loss of life and economic damage, Journal of Hazardous Materials A99 pp. 1–30

Bas Jonkman

Professor of Integral Hydraulic Engineering

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