Acquired research projects

The Engineering Asset Management group is currently working on the following research projects:

  • EU-2020: NRG-Storage - integrated porous cementitious Nanocomposites in non-Residential building envelopes for Green active/passive energy STORAGE
  • NWO: TaSaSi - Towards a Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure
  • NWO: NG Infra  D-to-MII - Design to Manage Interconnected Infrastructures
  • NWO: ALL-Risk - Implementation of new risk standards in the Dutch flood protection program
  • TTW: EUROS - Excellence in Uncertainty Reduction of Offshore wind Systems
  • TTW: SewerSense - Multi-sensor condition assessment for sewer asset management
  • Industry: @SPECS - a next generation “predictive SImulation Model for service-LIFE assessment” (SIMLIFE).