Y. (Yu) Zeng


Yu Zeng is a PhD candidate in Section Materials and Environment, TU Delft. He obtained his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Zhejiang University, where he worked as a research associate until the end of 2020. His master’s thesis project focused on the chloride transport in silane-treated concrete and the durability design methods of marine concrete structures. He is currently working as an ESR in the MSCA-ITN-SUBLime project (Sustainable Building Lime Applications via Circular Economy and Biomimetic Approaches), focusing on the reaction kinetics and microstructural simulation of lime-based materials.


The goal of his PhD research is to build up a numerical model to simulate the chemical reaction process, and microstructural formation of lime-based materials. With due consideration of the chemical composition of lime, liquid to powder ratio and reaction temperature, the reaction kinetics model is expected to provide guidance on the design of lime-based materials.

ESR in the MSCA-ITN-SUBLime project: Sustainable Building Lime Applications via Circular Economy and Biomimetic Approaches

Yu Zeng

PhD candidate

Monday to Friday

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Materials and Environment

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