Journal papers

Published papers

  • D. Xia, J. Ma, Sh. Sharif Azadeh, W. Zhanga. Data-driven distributionally robust optimization for the timetabling and dynamic-capacity allocation problem of modular vehicles in automated bus systems (2023).  Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. Link
  • H. Akyüz, R. Dekker, Sh. Sharif Azadeh. Real-time transportation planning in intermodal networks under disturbances. (2023) Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review Link  .
  • Sh. Sharif Azadeh, J. van der Zee, M. Wagenvoort. Choice-driven Service Network Design for an Integrated Fixed Line and Demand Responsive Mobility Systems (2022). Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice Link . 
  • M. Pacheco Paneque, B. Gendron, M. Bierlaire, Sh. Sharif Azadeh, A Lagrangian decomposition scheme for the choice-based optimisation framework. Computers & Operations Research (2022). Link  
  • Sh. Sharif Azadeh,  J. Vester, M.Y. Maknoon, Electrification of a Bus System with Fast Charging Stations: Impact of Battery Degradation on Design Decisions. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. (2022). Link
  • B. van Arem, Sh. Sharif Azadeh, M. Snelder, S. Hoogendoorn, Accessibility of urban regions on a low car diet. Communications in Transportation Research (2022). Link
  • Sh. Sharif Azadeh, B. Atasoy, M. Ben-Akiva, M. Bierlaire, Y. Makoon, Choice-Driven Dial-a-Ride Problem for On-Demand Mobility Systems.   Transportation Research Part B: Methodological. (2022).Link . 
  • S. Binder, M. Bierlaire, ShSharif Azadeh, M.Y. Maknoon. Passenger-Centric Timetable Rescheduling: A User Equilibrium Approach. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. (2021). Link  
  • M. Pacheco Paneque, B. Gendron, M. Bierlaire, ShSharif Azadeh, Integrating supply and demand within the framework of mixed integer optimisation problems. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological. (2021). Link 


Working papers

  • J. Chen, Sh. Sharif Azadeh. Smart order dispatching for delivery services.  

  • S. Momen, B. van Arem, Sh. Sharif Azadeh. Dynamic inventory repositioning and recharging in shared micromobility systems

  • D. Xia, J. Ma, Sh. Sharif Azadeh Integrated timetable coordination and vehicle scheduling in a bus networks for automated bus systems with modular vehicles