Transport & Planning

Transportation and mobility are crucial aspects of modern societies. They enable us to get to school and work, access essential goods and services, stimulate economic growth, and build social relationships. However, along with these benefits, come negative consequences like pollution, traffic jams, accidents, and extensive land use. How can we make the most of transportation’s advantages while minimising its downsides?

It is this question that is at the heart of our work at the Transport & Planning Department, which is part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at TU Delft. Our research covers topics such as urbanisation and smart sustainable transport, climate-friendly transportation and resilience. But also things like well-being, health, equity, and digitisation in transport. In order to tackle the methodological and technical challenges, we emphasise computational modelling and analysis for transportation engineering. This involves using techniques like sensing, monitoring, data analysis, modelling, simulation, and artificial intelligence to solve problems in transportation engineering and design effective systems.

Research Labs

Our collaborative labs are at the heart of our research efforts. These labs, led by one or two (assistant, associate, or full) professors, work closely with both public and private entities in the field. This collaboration bridges the gap between theoretical research and practical application.

Educational Courses

In addition to conducting cutting-edge research, we also offer transport and planning courses in the Bachelor’s programme for Civil Engineering. We provide a dedicated Transport & Planning track in the Master’s programme for Civil Engineering, and we actively participate in the interdisciplinary Master’s programme focused on Transport Infrastructure and Logistics.