Smart Public Transport Lab

How do we improve the level-of-serve and performance of public transport services? How do we plan more efficient and reliable services and networks? How do we ensure that public transport contributes to societal goals such as accessibility and equity? How do we better integrate public transport into the overall mobility landscape? How should public transport evolve in the face of societal and technological challenges which offer opportunities as well as pose threats?

These and similar questions are addressed in research performed in the Smart Public Transport Lab. The lab develops new solutions and methods for the planning, operations and management of passenger transport systems. Lab members perform research that contributes to developing more efficient, sustainable and resilient multi-modal public transport systems. Areas of special interest include network design, tactical planning, service reliability, on-demand and shared mobility services, real-time control, and route choice and assignment models.

In the Smart PT Lab we are passionate about performing high level scientific research with a practical relevance and impactful outcomes. The lab consists of a group of researchers and is co-directed by Oded Cats (Network and Operations) and Niels van Oort (Planning and Design).

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