Ir. N.D. (Nina) Versluis


Nina Versluis is a PhD candidate at the Department of Transport and Planning. She received both her BSc and MSc in Applied Mathematics at TU Delft, specializing in Optimisation. During her studies, Nina did an internship at the Netherlands Railways (NS) on the capacity of shunting yards. Her master thesis was on the improvement of the performance of waste handling cranes by optimisation-based decision rules.


Nina’s PhD is on Optimal Real-Time Traffic Management of Train-Centric Railway Operations. Her research will be within the EU H2020 Shift2Rail project PERFORMINGRAIL, which will be delivering breakthroughs for the deployment of safe and effective train-centric railway operations. Nina will focus on the translation of safety and train positioning specifications for train-centric operations into a set of mathematical constraints for the traffic management system, and on developing advanced algorithm for optimal railway traffic rescheduling and local rerouting under train-centric signalling to minimise delay impacts and provide non-vital early-warnings for avoiding hazardous moving-block traffic conditions.

These activities will be performed in cooperation with Université Gustave Eiffel and other prominent European universities and transport companies within the EU project PERFORMINGRAIL.

Nina Versluis

PhD candidate