Career Perspectives

Which jobs on the labor market are linked to the MSc Civil Engineering (CE)?

MSc CE graduates find jobs in the public sector with engineering consultants, contractors, governmental bodies, international development organisations and research institutes. Civil engineers from Delft have an outstanding worldwide reputation. They are able to work professionally in complex and unpredictable environments and to assume leading roles in these organisations worldwide.

Which jobs on the labour market are linked to the MSc Applied Earth Sciences (AES)?

MSc AES graduates find jobs in industry, governmental organisations, knowledge institutes, and universities worldwide that centre around the programā€™s disciplines (Weather and Climate, Earth Observation, Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources) as well as in engineering jobs outside these disciplines. They are hired within the engineering industry, construction firms, energy, resource and water companies, IT companies, and consultancy firms advising these industries. They are employed by a range of governmental organisations, knowledge and space institutes, NGOs, and our students continue their academic career at leading universities within the Netherlands and abroad.

Which jobs on the labour market are linked to the MSc Environmental Engineering (ENV)?

Due to developments such as making the economy more sustainable, there is a growing need on the labour market for MSc ENV graduates. Environmental engineers will find jobs in both the public and the private domain. They will be working in design, project management, research & development, (international) consultancies and corporations, pilot plant operations, problem solving, model studies, policy making, sales and higher education.