Why new masters per September 2022?

In what way are the new programmes Environmental Engineering and the renewed MSc programmes Applied Earth Sciences and Civil Engineering beneficial for students? 

The research focus of the faculty includes more and more research areas in the domain of Environmental Engineering. Combining these fields in a new MSc programme results in internationally visible Environmental Engineering programme. Together with the programmes Applied Earth Sciences (AES) and Civil Engineering (CE) three clearly distinctive MSc-programmes are offered. This also enables students with different backgrounds to enter the field of Environmental Engineering.

The two existing programmes AES and CE will strengthen the common parts of the three masterprogrammes and include more focus on new essential knowledge and understanding of dealing with data, monitoring, risk, and uncertainty in research and engineering using mathematical modelling. This prepares our future engineers better for a digital engineering world. With a complete re-alignment of the programmes, new research areas will also find a place in our curriculum that enhances our programmes. Naturally, important areas of our current programme will remain highly visible in the new programme.