Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber and physical spaces are becoming more intertwined, and you can now control your home appliances and even your car from your smart phone. If you can, then your neighbour can also... and so can a cyber attacker! It might just be annoying if this happened. But it would be catastrophic if the attacker targets all home appliances of an entire city, or the power grid, or the water distribution system. We are developing methods to understand and manage these risks, and keep your physical world secure against cyber attackers.


Scientific Staff

Dr. Riccardo Ferrari

Distributed cyber-physical systems, fault tolerance, cyber attack detection, cooperative mobile agents

Personal profile                                   Pieter van Gelder

Risk management, Data analytics, System of systems, Multicriteria decision-making under conflicting objectives

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Dr. Tamas Keviczky

Distributed control and optimization, networked cyber-physical systems, embedded predictive control, smart grids, cooperative mobile agents

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Dr. Manuel Mazo Espinosa

Networked control systems, formal verification and correct-by-design synthesis of cyber physical systems

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Dr. Peyman Mohajerin

Decision making under uncertainty, stochastic systems and optimal control, fault detection and isolation, with applications to control and security of large-scale and distributed cyber-physical systems

Dr. Sérgio Pequito

Sensor-actuation-communication analysis and design for large-scale dynamical systems. Security and privacy of dynamical networks

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Prof.dr. Peter Palensky

Cyber-physical energy systems, smart grids, modeling and simulation, control and automation protocols

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Dr. Alex Stefanov

Cyber-physical energy systems, resilience, secure operational technologies, vulnerability assessment, cyber attacks, impact analysis, mitigation, power system defence and restoration

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Dr. Maksim Kitsak

Network theory, Internet and cybersecurity, Risk and resilience


MSc Saba Chockalingam

Cyber physical systems in flood defence control

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MSc KaiKai Pan

Smart grid cyber security, vulnerability and impact assessment, co-simulation of cyber physical energy system

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MSc Vahab Rostampour

Distributed Optimization, Randomized Optimization, Stochastic Model Predictive Control, Large Scale Interconnected Systems

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