Secure Hardware

Hardware, like software is complex, and full of mistakes that attackers can exploit. However, unlike software, the electronics may leak data for example through electro-magnetic radiation. We are working on designs that reduce the leakage.


Scientific Staff

Prof.dr. Said Hamdioui

Hardware Security and Design for Security

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Dr. Stjepan Picek

Cryptography, cybersecurity, evolutionary computation and machine learning

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Luca Mariot

Cryptography, Evolutionary Computation

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ir. Haji Akhundov

Hardware Security, Secure Systems, Cryptography

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MSc Troya Köylü

Artificial intelligence, hardware security

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MSc Mottaqiallah Taouil

Secure hardware

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MSc Huimin Li

PhD Student

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MSc Mark van Beusekom

Forensic security research

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MSc Lichao Wu

Hardware security, Cryptography and Machine learning

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