Admission and application

Academic background

For admission to this particular programme applicants need to have obtained an engineering bachelor degree in Computer Science or a closely related field with good scores for key subjects. 

Applications will be assessed by the admission committee based on the academic performance and study load in key subjects. The minimum required study load in Computer Science subjects is 120 ECTS, of which at least 100 ECTS obtained in the following key subjects: 

  • Mathematics and Modelling:
    Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Statistics – minimum 15 ECTS
  • Software Development Fundamentals:
    Object Oriented Programming, Software Quality and Testing, Software Engineering Methods, Concepts of Programming Languages, Object Oriented Programming Project, Software Project – minimum 30 ECTS
  • Computer Systems:
    Computer Organisation, Computer Networks – minimum 10 ECTS
  • Fundamental Computer Science:
    Logic, Algorithms and Data Structures, Algorithm Design, Computability – minimum 15 ECTS
  • Data and Information Systems:
    Machine Learning, Data Management, Web- & Database Technology – minimum 15 ECTS

Application procedure