Dr.ir. J.G. Maks

Dr.ir. J.G. Maks

Short CV:

  • August 1985, Ir. (M.Sc.) degree Mathematics, Dept of Mathematics TUDelft
    Title of thesis: Clifford Algebras and Metrical Geometries.
  • May 1989, Ph.D. degree Mathematics, TUDelft
    Title of thesis: Modulo (1,1) periodicity of Clifford Algebras and generalized (anti-) Möbius transformations.


  • 1985- , Lectureship Mathematics, Dept of Mathematics TUDelft
  • 1990-1992, Research Fellowship Dept of Mathematics Hull University England
    Title of project (EC grant): Clifford Algebras, Spinors and Combinatorics.

Research interests: 

Multilinear Algebra and its applications in Mathematical Systems Theory.

  • Controllability of systems on graphs
  • Clifford Algebras, Spinors and Rotation Groups
  • Exterior Algebras and Grassmannians
  • Hamiltonian Systems

Ancillary activities