QCAT contributes to several MSc programs with both quantum-related courses and more discipline-related courses. An overview is given below.

Quantum-related courses

  • [EE4575] Quantum Computing Architecture and Electronics - Fundamentals and state-of-the-art (Fabio Sebastiano, Sebastian Feld, Masoud Babaie)
  • [EE4710] Solid State Physics with Quantum and Nano Electronics (Ryoichi Ishihara)
  • [TN3126] Information and Computation (Ryoichi Ishihara)

We are also contributing to several MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Disipline related courses

  • [EE4C10] Analog Circuit Design Fundamentals (Fabio Sebastiano)
  • [EE4520] Analog CMOS Design I (Fabio Sebastiano)
  • [EE4525] Analog CMOS Design II (Fabio Sebastiano)
  • [EE4700] Modeling, Algorithms and Data Structures (Sebastian Feld)
  • [EE4705] Solid State Physics (Ryoichi Ishihara)

MSc and BSc projects and internships

Several opportunities for MSc and BSc students are available within QCAT. Please check out the webpages of the different research groups and contact the relevant faculty members directly. Please do the same if you would like to apply for a PhD or Postdoc position.

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