Quantum & Computer Engineering PhD Alumni

 The following persons have obtained their PhD (doctoral) degree at Delft University of Technology under supervision of a QCE Staff Member

Date of defence PhD alumnus Promotors Thesis title
14/06/2022 Abdulqader Nael Nathmi Mahmoud Cotofana S.D.  & Hamdioui S.  Spin Wave Circuit Design
10/06/2022 Guilherme Cardoso Medeiros Hamdioui S. & Taouil M.  Test and Diagnosis of Hard-toDetect Faults in FinFET SRAMs
31/05/2022 Xiao Xue Vandersypen L.M.K. & Sebastiano F.  Performance benchmarking of silicon quantum processors
21/01/2022 Long Ma Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Kitsak M.A.  Spreading processes in complex networks and systems
13/01/2022 Peng Sun Kooij R.E.  & Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Robustness of Controllability and Recoverability of Complex Networks
23/12/2021 Juan Andres Alfaro Barrantes Sarro P.M. & Ishihara R.  & Mastrangeli M.  Superconducting Funnelled Through-Silicon Vias For quantum applications
22/11/2021 Bishnu Prasad Patra Charbon-Iwasaki-Charbon E. & Babaie M.  CMOS circuits and systems for cryogenic control of silicon quantum processors
22/11/2021 Yuanxing XU Vandersypen L.M.K. & Ishihara R.  On-chip integration of Si/SiGe-based quantum dots and electronic circuits for scaling
11/10/2021 He Wang Cotofana S.D.  & Wong J.S.S.M.  Graphene-based Neuromorphic Computing: Artificial Spiking Neural Networks
05/10/2021 Jeroen Petrus Gerardus van Dijk Charbon-Iwasaki-Charbon E. & Sebastiano F.  Designing the Electronic Interface for Qubit Control
16/09/2021 Baozhou Zhu Al-Ars Z. & Bertels K.L.M.  Algorithms for efficient inference in convolutional neural networks
17/05/2021 Bastian Prasse Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Smeitink E.  Epidemics on Networks: Analysis, Network Reconstruction and Prediction
22/02/2021 Lizhou Wu Hamdioui S. & Taouil M.  Testing STT-MRAM: Manufacturing Defects, Fault Models, and Test Solutions
05/02/2021 Jintao Yu Hamdioui S. & Taouil M.  Computation-in-Memory: From Circuits to Compilers
14/12/2020 Daniël Huibert Peter Kraak Hamdioui S. & Taouil M.  Memory Reliability Analysis Framework: Modeling and Mitigation
03/12/2020 Yande Jiang Cotofana S.D.  & Wong J.S.S.M.  Graphene-based Computing: Nanoribbon Logic Gates & Circuits
16/11/2020 Augusto Jose Carimatto Charbon-Iwasaki-Charbon E.  High Speed electronics for SPAD image sensors used in Time-of-Flight (ToF) applications
03/11/2020 Johannus Willem Peltenburg Al-Ars Z. & Bertels K.L.M.  Methods for Efficient Integration of FPGA Accelerators with Big Data Systems
17/03/2020 Zhidong He Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Performance of complex networks: Efficiency and robustness
12/03/2020 Ugur Sonmez Makinwa K.A.A. & Sebastiano F.  Compact Thermal Diffusivity Sensors for On-Chip Thermal Management
20/02/2020 Nauman Ahmed Al-Ars Z. & Bertels K.L.M.  High Performance Seed-and-Extend Algorithms for Genomics
10/12/2019 Jian Fang Al-Ars Z. & Bertels K.L.M. & Hidders   Database acceleration on FPGAs
02/12/2019 Lingling Lao Bertels K.L.M. & Garcia Almudever A.  Quantum Computing in Pactice: Fault-tolerant Protocols and Circuit-mapping Techniques.
11/11/2019 Ernst Joachim Houtgast Al-Ars Z. & Bertels K.L.M.  On Hardware-Accelerated Maximally-Efficient Systolic Arrays. Acceleration and Optimization of Genomics Pipelines Through Hardware/Software Co-Design
31/10/2019 Qiang Liu Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Spreading on networks
07/10/2019 Prashant Dattatraya Joshi Hamdioui S. & Bertels K.L.M.  Dependable Network Topologies
13/09/2019 Hoang Anh Du Nguyen Du Nguyen Hamdioui S. & Taouil M.  Computation-in-Memory based on Memristive Devices
04/06/2019 Savvas Varsamopoulos Bertels K.L.M. & Garcia Almudever A.  Neural network based decoders for the surface code
13/05/2019 Chao Zhang Charbon-Iwasaki-Charbon E.  CMOS SPAD Sensor for 3D time-of-flight imaging, LiDar, and Ultra-High Speed Cameras
15/02/2019 Ghazaleh Nazarian Sips H.J. & Gaydadjiev G.  Compiler Assisted Reliability Optimizations
17/12/2018 Shanshan Ren Al-Ars Z. & Bertels K.L.M.  .Accelerating DNA Variant Calling Algorithms on High Performance Computing Systems
11/12/2018 Xiang Fu Bertels K.L.M. & Carlo L. di Quantum Control Architecture: Bridging the Gap between Quantum Software and Hardware
21/11/2018 Mahroo Zandrahimi Al-Ars Z. & Bertels K.L.M.  Low power IC design characterization Techniques under process variations.
14/11/2018 Mihai Lefter Wong J.S.S.M. & Cotofana S.D.  On Leveraging Vertical Proximity in 3D Memory Hierarchies
25/10/2018 Hale Cetinay-Iyicil Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Kuipers F.A.  Analysis and Planning of Power Grids. A Network Perspective
21/06/2018 Joost Johannes Hoozemans Bertels K.L.M. & Wong J.S.S.M.  Targeting static and dynamic workloads using a reconfigurable VLIW processor
18/06/2018 Innocent Okwudili Agbo Hamdioui S.  Reliability modeling and mitigation for embedded memories
26/02/2018 Lei Xie Hamdioui S.  Memristive Device for Logic Design and Computing
08/01/2018 Marcus Märtens Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Kuipers F.A.  Information Propagation in Complex Networks. Structures and Dynamics
04/07/2017 Erik Paul Vermij Bertels K.L.M. & Hagleitner   Moving workloads to a better place - Optimizing computer architectures for data-intensive applications
13/06/2017 Roya Choupani Bertels K.L.M. & Wong J.S.S.M.  Scalable Video Coding
24/05/2017 Jil Mona Meier Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Stam  Jan The Relation Between Structure and Function in Brain Networks - a network science perspective -
03/02/2017 Nicolaas Leonardus Maria van Adrichem Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Kuipers F.A.  Resilience and Application Deployment in Software-Defined Networks
26/01/2017 Nicoleta Cucu-Laurenciu Bertels K.L.M. & Cotofana S.D.  Reliability Aware Computing Platforms Design and Lifetime Management
21/12/2016 Xiangrong Wang Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Kooij R.E.  Robustness of Complex Networks: Theory and Application
16/09/2016 Pengfei Sun Charbon-Iwasaki-Charbon E. & Sarro P.M. & Ishihara R.  Flexible CMOS Single-Photon Avalanche Diode Image Sensor Technology
14/09/2016 Miki Trifunovic Sarro P.M. & Ishihara R.  Liquid Silicon for Printed Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors on Paper
07/09/2016 Muhammad Al Farabi Muhammad Iqbal Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Kuipers F.A.  Optical Network Design and Routing
06/09/2016 Rouzbeh Amini Gill E.K.A. & Gaydadjiev G.  Wireless Communication onboard Spacecraft
28/04/2016 Imran Ashraf Bertels K.L.M.  Communication Driven Mapping of Applications on Multicore Platforms
12/04/2016 Marius Enachescu Bertels K.L.M. & Cotofana S.D.  Hybrid NEMS-Cmos Architectures for Ultra Low Power Smart Systems
16/11/2015 Yakup Koc Brazier F.M. & Kooij R.E. & Warnier M.E.  On robustness of Power Grids: Measuring the Robustness of Power Grids: A Complex Networks Theory Approach
04/11/2015 Ana Mafalda Monteiro Oliveira Cortez Bertels K.L.M. & Hamdioui S.  Reliability Assessment and Test Methods for Anti-Counterfeiting Technology
29/06/2015 Negin Golshani Beenakker C.I.M. & Ishihara R.  Development of Silicon Drift Detectors using Boron Layer Technology
19/06/2015 Hamid Mushtaq Bertels K.L.M. & Al-Ars Z.  Deterministic Execution of Multithreaded Application for Reliability of Multicore Systems
01/06/2015 Song Yang Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Kuipers F.A.  Routing in Optical and Stochastic Networks
18/05/2015 Changlin Chen Bertels K.L.M.  Towards Dependable Network-on-Chip Architectures
14/04/2015 P. Pham Quoc Cuong Bertels K.L.M. & Al-Ars Z.  Hybrid Interconnect Design for Heterogeneous Hardware Accelerators
14/04/2015 Aslihan Arslan Beenakker C.I.M. & Ishihara R.  Single-grain Silicon Technology for Large Area X-ray Imaging
26/01/2015 Jin Zhang Beenakker C.I.M. & Ishihara R.  Liquid-Si Technology for High-Speed Circuits on Flexible Substrates
12/01/2015 Ruud van de Bovenkamp Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Kuipers F.A.  Algorithms to analyse very large networks
04/11/2014 Pavel Geshev Zaykov Goosen J.F.L. & Kuzmanov G.K.  Multithreading for Embedded Reconfigurable Multicore Systems
20/10/2014 Cong Li Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Wang H.  Characteristization and Design of Complex Networks
13/10/2014 Stojan Trajanovski Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Modular structures, robustness and protection of complex networks: theory, complexity and algorithms
05/09/2014 Mottaqiallah Taouil Bertels K.L.M. & Hamdioui S.  Yield and Cost Analysis for 3D stacked Ics
13/06/2014 Norbert Blenn Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Dörr C.  Content Propagation in Online Social Networks
15/05/2014 Muhammad Nadeem Bertels K.L.M. & Wong J.S.S.M.  Adaptive, Low-power Architectures for Embedded Multimedia Systems: with focus on H.264/AVC video codec
10/03/2014 Wynand Winterbach Van Mieghem P.F.A. & Ridder D. de Topology of Molecular Networks
07/03/2014 Sten Vollebregt Beenakker C.I.M. & Ishihara R.  Carbon nanotubes as vertical interconnects in 3D integrated circuits
28/10/2013 Javier Martin Hernandez Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Measuring Robustness of Complex Networks
17/09/2013 Muhammed Shah Khan Seyab Bertels K.L.M. & Hamdioui S.  Bias Temperature Instability Analysis, Monitoring and Mitigation for Nano-scaled Circuits
05/09/2013 Yao Wang Bertels K.L.M. & Cotofana S.D.  Aging Assessment and Reliability Aware Computing Platforms
27/08/2013 Muhammad Faisal Nadeem Bertels K.L.M. & Wong J.S.S.M.  Evaluation Framework for Task Scheduling Algorithms in Distributed Reconfigurable Systems
27/08/2013 Fakhar Anjam Bertels K.L.M. & Wong J.S.S.M.  Run-time Adaptable VLIW Processors - Resources, Performance, Power Consumption, and Reliability
25/03/2013 Dajie Liu Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Robustness and Optimization of Complex Networks: Reconstructability, Algorithms and Modeling
08/03/2013 Catalin Bogdan Ciobanu Gaydadjiev G. & Sips H.J. & Kuzmanov G.K.  customizable register files for multidimensional SIMD architectures
17/10/2012 Mohammad Reza Tajari Mofrad Beenakker C.I.M. & Ishihara R.  Monolithic, low-temperature fabrication of three-dimensional integrated circuits
09/05/2012 Nor Zaidi Bin Haron Bertels K.L.M. & Hamdioui S.  Testability and fault tolerance for emerging nano-electronics memories
06/06/2011 Arnaldo Pereira de Azevedo Filho Juurlink B.H.H.  Efficient Execution of Video Applications on Heterogeneous Multi- and Many-Core Processors
29/04/2011 Anteneh Ayalew Beshir Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Survivability and Impairment-aware Routing in Optical Networks: An Algorithmic Study
21/10/2010 Lu,Y Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Analysis of streaming media systems
21/09/2010 Siyu Tang Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Information Propagation in Peer-to-Peer Networking: Modeling and Empirical Studies
13/09/2010 Omic,J Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Epidemics in Networks: Modeling, Optimization and Security Games
09/07/2010 Cornelis Hermanus Meenderinck Juurlink B.H.H.  Improving the scalability of multicore systems with a focus on H.264 video decoding
08/07/2010 Demid Vladimirovich Borodin Juurlink B.H.H.  Performance-Oriented Fault Tolerance in Computing Systems
08/09/2009 Huijuan Wang Van Mieghem P.F.A.  Robustness of networks